CBSE Science Fair Exhibition Project, “Black Gold Cultivation” Theme “Natural Resource & their Conservation” for Class 9, Class 10 and 12

Project Name : Black Gold Cultivation

Theme Name : Natural Resource & their Conservation

Objective/Aim: To improve the fertility of the soil, increasing the nutritious quantity in the plants and last but not the least enhancing the water binding capacity of the soil.

Why this project?

Our India is an agricultural based country. Large no. of farmers are depending on the agriculture, but due to the repeated production of the crop the life span of the soil (Max. 2 yrs.) and water holding capacity of the soil is decreasing day by day, this is because the plants feed on the minerals and nutrients present in the soil. This will make the soil to loose its fertility and the soil becomes loose and finally this effects the crop production. Now days in order to overcome this problem and to get more crop production farmers are depending on the artificial fertilizers. These artificial fertilizers in long run will still degrade the soil fertility, make’s the soil to loose water retaining capacity and in no matter of time the soil (land) will become barren, which will be unfit for agriculture.

So, here is my natural! and low price solution to the above cited problem (i.e.,) my project on the CHARCOAL.

How does the nutrition levels in Plants & Soil fertility increases?

During the short life span of time, microbes into the soil release the different types of organic enzymes which increases the fertility. After their life span, microbes dies in the soil itself only degrades and become rich organic manure for the soil, that will contains high quantities of H, CH & O. There will help to increases the nutritious levels of the plants_______ But the problem is that plants cannot observe & fix H, N, C & O directly from the atmosphere. By this process we can make the plants to fix there required things though the soil. Hence by this the nutrition’s levels in the plants enhances like never befoul.

Conclusion: Hence we can conclude that by opting this innovative & low cost method farmers can gain huge profits, life time of the soil will increases, there will be no degrade in the fertility of the soil. Water can be retained by the soil for longer periods of time. And quality of the production will be increased.

Name of the School: Delhi Public School, R.R. District, A.P.

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