CBSE Science Fair Exhibition Project, “Conservation of Natural Resources” Theme “Natural Resource & their Conservation” for Class 9, Class 10 and 12

Project Name : Conservation of Natural Resources

Theme Name : Natural Resource & their Conservation

Evergreen Future City Planning

Under-Theme Name : Natural Resources and their Conservation

Sub-Theme Name : To use various natural resources spread around our environment and which get wasted every year.

Aim/Objective: To do useful work for mankind by utilizing waste water, farming without soil, poultry and dairy farming, psi culture, biogas power plant, generation of electricity in one lawn.

Scientific Principle Involved:

Hydroponics method-Farming without soil

Rain water harvesting

Poultry, psi and dairy farming

Sanitation planning

Biogas plant

Generation of electricity from roads

Materials Used: Thermocol, Fevicol, Plastic pipes, Water motor of 18v, Railway toy set, Posture color, wooden base, wooden bit, Toy cars, chick, Plaster of Paris, Distemper, Glue, Connecting wires and LED.

Working Investigation and Findings:

Hydroponics method-Farming without Soil

The term hydroponics originates from the ancient Greek “hydros”, meaning water, and “ponos”, meaning work. As the population of our planet soars and arable land available for crop production declines, hydroponics will offer us a lifeline of sorts and allow us to produce crops in greenhouses or in multilevel buildings dedicated to agriculture.

Rain water harvesting
The world is passing through a state of serious crunch of resources, both non-renewable and renewable. Water constitutes the major renewable resource. Freshwater available on earth is 2.5% of the total 1386 million cubic kilolitres and only one-third of this small quantity is available for human use. Heavy demand of water has resulted in a three-fold increases in the withdrawal of ground water during the last five decades and is projected to increases further by 2025.

Solar Energy
Photovoltaic panels absorb the energy from sunlight from sunlight and convert the energy to electricity. The light excited electrons in the panel and these electrons are collected by wires embedded in the panel. As electric current is produced, it is sent through your home’s electrical system to provide power.

Piezoelectric Effect and Electromagnetic Induction
Piezo electric effect is extensively used to convert electric energy into mechanical energy and vice versa so. This is an electromechanically phenomenon, Certain crystal like quartz,tourmaline crystal, Rochelle salt become electrically polarized when stress is applied on them. This phenomena of polarization of a solid crystal on which forces are acting is called Piezo
electric effect. In piezoelectric crystals those having no centre of symmetry displacement due to stress distort the original charge distribution in such a way that it is no longer symmetry. A net polarisation results in such crystals and we observe the piezoelectric effect.

Poultry and Dairy Forming
Waste water from poultry farm and animal excreta passed through charcoal mix as a pretreatment of waste into pond, where it is a better breeding place for pciculture. Water is now taken to the filter plant for further purification and recycling of water to use in homes.

Water supply and Proper Sanitation
The drain water from several places are collected at one chamber and it was passed through Cl pipe of more than 30 inches. Now, drain water will allow to fall from higher altitude on the blades of a turbine to generate electricity.

Name of the School: Swami Shraddh anand DAV Centenary Public School, Khunti, Jharkhand.

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