CBSE Science Fair Exhibition Project, “The future fuel” Theme “Natural Resource & their Conservation” for Class 9, Class 10 and 12

Project Name : Biofuel – The future fuel

Theme Name : Natural Resource & their Conservation

Biofuel – The future fuel (Manufacture of biodiesel & bioethanol and produce fuel from them)

Aim/Objective: To show the production of bioethanol and biodiesel from the natural resource and waste materials.

Scientific Principle Involved: Everything has a potential to store energy. Like Rudolf Diesel ran diesel. Algae, sugar and starch crops, vegetable oil are rich source for biofuels as they yield biodiesel and biothanol through a series of
processes & which on fermentation, distillationand addition with hydrocarbon can convert bioethanol or diodiesel into fuel to be used in place of gasoline. The effluents and waste products generated can be used as livestock feed or as manure of other useful processes. Biofuels are eco-friendly cheap and easily extracted from cheap source (algae, starch crops, jatropha seeds)

Material used: Algae, vegetable oil, jatropha seeds, NaOH, a heating source, spirit lamp, Methanol, crusher, thermocol, test tube, water, grinding prep, plastic bottles, yeast etc.

Working investigation/findings: Biofuels (biodiesel and bioethanol) can be effectively used as a source of fuels and can replace gasoline products. If a spirit lamp is burnt in diesel and biodiesel, lamp burning through bio-diesel gives less carbon emission. Thus biofuels are eco-friendly and can be used as an alternative fuel to resolve energy crisis in future.

Utility and further scope of the project: Bioethanol can replace aviation fuel, can be used for several domestic purposes-lighting, cooking etc. It can be used as a replacement for gasoline products as it is particulate free and eco-friendly. Cheap to use. Further research on this biofuel to extract bioethanol from lignocelluloses and make it 100% effective to replace diesel and petrol.

Name of the School: DAV Public School, Angul, Hyderabad.


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