Describe what you would do, if you were at the scene of a serious road accident. Essay for Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 Students Board Exam.

Describe what you would do, if you were at the scene of a serious road accident

Road accidents are common nowadays because of the fast moving vehicles, congestion on the roads and careless drivers. In trying to overtake or knocking against another vehicle accidents occur. It may be a false move involving collision in which lives may be lost.

When one is at the scene of an accident one can help to attend to the victim. If there are cuts and blood is oozing try to arrest the blood. If the cut is deep one can apply a torniquet. If the wound is dirty, clean it with water and tie a bandage. If there is a fracture, try to support it with a bandage or a piece of a cloth. If the fracture is complicated simply tie a bandage. If the victim is about to swoon from bloody wounds give some cold drinks, never any hot drinks. In the case of an ordinary fainting, some hot coffee may be helpful.

First the crowd must be cleared so that the patient may get fresh air. If possible the patient’s possessions must be secured. Note the number of the vehicle involved. It may be useful later on in helping the patient at the court or to get insurance benefits. The police must be informed. This is very important to avoid complications.

Arrange to transport the patient to the nearest hospital for delay could mean a life in danger. Talk to the hospital authorities and see that quick action is taken. In very serious case you can phone up the hospital for an ambulance. If the address of the patient is known, his near and dear one has to be informed. After having seen to the comfort of the patient make a report to the police.

All that have been mentioned can be done by an experienced hand. It is useful for every citizen to have some training in dealing with accidents. That is why first aid lessons are taught in schools, in scouting activities and Junior Red Cross Classes.

If people are indifferent it is not because they do not want to help but the difficulties involved in going for help. An accident may involve going to the court several times causing a lot of inconvenience, especially of time and work but, it is the moral duty of every citizen to help victims of accidents and not to be a silent and helpless witness.

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