Discuss the problems faced by senior citizens. Suggest some solutions.

Discuss the problems faced by senior citizens. Suggest some solutions.

Medical science has helped in raising the life expectancy of man. With the disintegration of the joint family system, the elderly have found themselves to be a neglected class. Throughout their working life, they get respect but after retirement, they receive no respect from their children.

There are many reasons behind it. The first and foremost reason is the advent of urbanization. With urbanization, the joint family system disintegrated to form the nuclear family system. In this joint family system, the older members of the family enjoyed great respect. Also, the financial crunch faced by the new generation makes matters worse. Moreover, the emergence of career-oriented women and callousness towards the older generation of the family have relegated the social status of the seniors.

Society has a major role to play in the elimination of this trauma faced by senior citizens. Firstly, the parents on their part should understand the psyche of the new generation. Every child has his own individuality and hence parents should respect it. Secondly, society should organize various cultural activities like games, theatre, cinema, and special clubs to entertain them. Moreover, every individual should hold hands together with the government and other organizations and work for the welfare of the senior citizens.

In a nutshell, the children should empathize with their parents because they too would one day grow old and helpless. The older generations are an asset to the community for their experience and maturity and hence we should respect them. They gave up their wonderful years in the service of the future citizens of our country and hence we owe them unconditional love and affection.

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