Hunting animals for fun is wrong. Do agree or disagree?

Hunting animals for fun is wrong. Do agree or disagree?

Killing animals for fun is a question in ethical judgment. People against hunting put forward both ethical and ecological reasons to support their view.

Those who oppose poaching claim that humans do not have the right to kill other animals. They put forwards the age-old theory that all lives are equal and all animals possess the same right to live and enjoy life on earth. However, one has to remember the fact that the stronger ones killing the weaker ones are the rule of nature, though not for fun.

Yet another factor is the ecological impact poaching can cause. The killing of a special kind of animal may lead to their extinction. As everybody knows, both flora and fauna are interdependent and if any link is missing from this chain, the entire system will be affected. Moreover, killing for the sake of fun seems totally insane as there are many other better ways for recreation other than taking the lives of others mercilessly.

In total, it seems that hunting animals is a totally irrational and insane way of entertainment which in no way can be justified.

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